May 16, 2019


Fenetres Direct Windows are known for their long-lasting energy efficiency.


1. What are replacement windows?

Replacement windows are new windows that are purchased and installed to correct the deficiencies of the existing windows in a residential home or building with an increased insulation factor.

2. Who manufactures your replacement windows?

Fenetres Direct Window Company prides itself on providing our customers with a variety of replacement window options.

3. What materials do you use to make your windows?

Since Fenetres Direct Window has chosen to provide our customers with a variety of replacement window options, we are able to offer our customers multiple window material options including industry-leading PVC, hybrid and even tribrid.

4. What are the biggest advantages of replacing my windows?

By replacing the windows in your home you will accomplish a variety of things—lower your utility bills, increase the comfort of your home, give your home more curb appeal, and make your windows easier to clean.

5. Does Fenetres Direct Windows replace windows year-round?

Yes! Unlike most replacement window companies that shut down through the winter season, Fenetres Direct Window provides new energy-efficient windows to our customers in any season.

6. What is the warranty on the new Fenetres Direct Windows?

Your new Fenetres Direct Windows are backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty that covers all manufacturer defects including all parts, materials and even glass seal failure.

7. How long does it take to replace a window from start to finish?

Each window that Fenetres Direct Window installs into a home takes about 30-40 minutes to install depending on the complexity of the finish trim. It takes roughly an hour to an hour and a half to properly install most sliding glass doors.

8. What happens to my old windows?

Most old windows we take out of homes have long outlived their replacement date. Whether they are rotting or no longer open and close properly, these windows most often find their way to recycling yards all across Quebec.

9. Will new windows eliminate condensation?

If your old windows have seal issues causing them to fill with condensation, new Fenetres Direct Windows will eliminate this problem. Fenetres Direct Windows are backed by an industry-leading limited Transferable Guarantee against any future seal failures.

10. How often should I have to replace my home windows?

The old inefficient windows currently in your home were not made to last forever. Most home built in the last 30 years has what the industry refers to as “Builder Grade” windows. These windows were made with low efficient glass and cheap parts. If your home is more than 20 years old and still has the original windows in it, chances are they need to be replaced.